Some Recent Comments

Thank you for making me feel comfortable during the pictures.
You were my best friend there. I wish I were there to help you.
Erica did a wonderful job with my makeup and hair.
You and Kevin did a great job with the pictures. Thanks so much.

J  (Sept 2014)

Hi Dee,

OMG, these are so great. I am so excited for him to see them.
You did a terrific job, I am so very pleased with the outcome.
I cannot get rid of not one because they are all fabulous.
I would like them all.
Thank you both for the wonderful outcome.
How long do you think it would take to get the pictures?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
I cannot believe how great I look.
J  (August 2014)

Omg!  I thought he was going to fall over. 
He loved them!!!! 
I can't wait to give him the rest. 
They turned out so amazing....
I'm so happy with your work. 

This was an AWESOME experience!!!
Thank you for everything.
M (July 2014)

Special thank you to Dee and her husband Kevin
for taking my boudoir photos!
 If anyone ever wants pin up/glamor/boudoir photos done
they are fantastic and make their clients completely comfortable
with their great humor and compliments.
C  (April 14, 2014)

Hi Dee,
 Anyway, the response was actually beyond what I’d hoped..
We totally had him duped—On the first page that was a little sexy,
he said, “oh, you went to one of those places...
” of those glamour shots”...
then he turned the page...”only not like glamor shots”, I said.....
”Wow” was uttered about 16 times, don’t actually think
he could utter a multisyllabic word for a full two minutes...
then followed by several “awesome”-s.....then he went through it
several more times....I have no idea how many times he’s flipped
through the book, but I’ve become his screen saver....
We had a great weekend, and he’s talking about wanting
to send some of the guitar shots to Fender...
he’s crazy mad about them...pulled the book
out to show to family...he skipped some
choice pages so it was ok... [Smile]
I can’t thank you guys enough—I’m sharing your info.,
but I’ve got a pretty reserved crew that I hang with...
hopefully a few will come see you—either way,
I think the hubby will be fine having me come
back for another round (maybe I can convince him to join me)...
I told him about Jessica Rabbit not making the cut,
and he actually had me try her on...yea...I’ll be back [Smile]
All the best!    J  (April 2014)


Hi There,

 He was so surprised and I cannot begin to convey

 how much he loves the pictures. He is just over the moon!

 I made a simple album of 8 X 10s with a cover

 that coordinates with the last one,

 as I knew he would keep them stacked on his bedside table :)

 There was a place for a small picture on the front

and I used the one of me looking down in the santa hat for the cover.

 He knew immediately what it was and once he opened it

 he was just in shock! At the beginning and the end,

 I wrote notes to him to personalize it even more, which he loves :)

 He looks at the book ALL the time -

 no exaggeration. And he put the digitals on his computer

 and phone and looks at them that way too -

 I get a lot of texts while at work about how he is looking at his pictures

 and can't wait for me to get home :) Definitely enhances the love life :)

 I am going to have to find a couple of these outfits -

 for sure the black dress and the white mesh - he just loves those!


You did an amazing job -

 you have such a gift and a love for making women

 look and feel amazing - which is priceless.

 Kevin is great as well - please let him know

 that many of his ideas are hubbies favorite poses :)

 I want to do it again next year and will be saving up to

 possibly do pictures again for his birthday in October.

 This is one gift that he cannot get enough of!

 And he really really wants a picture on his motorcycle -

 so if you think we could do an outside picture in

 lingerie on his motorcycle, that would be amazing!

 I could keep writing forever about how amazing I think you are!

 Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful!

 I didn't order a metal print after all -

 I am saving that for Valentine's Day :)

 Please feel free to use any images you wish on the website -

 I don't mind at all!

 If any of them fit your needs, please do :)

 I know C already booked with you and you should be

 getting a call from D, who is also from my work.

 She was planning to do a shoot in New Mexico

 with a friend but after seeing my pics has decided to book with you -

 sometime in the next month or two :)

 Happy New Year! You two are the best and

 I wish you great things in the New Year!


With love,   M       (January 2014)

O.M.G!! I am in love!
You guys are seriously amazing and
they are all absolutely perfect!
Thank you so much for really capturing
the love and happiness that A and I share!
I am really excited for when
we are able to do this again.
Words are simply not enough for
how happy you have made my heart :)



I would rate  Desert Blush a 5 star experience.
They are extremely talented artists.
Never will one feel so beautiful!
A TOTAL CELEBRATION of female beauty!"

RM        07/24/2013

Good morning, Dee!

I wanted to drop you a quick line
to let you know how my husband's birthday went . . . TOTAL SUCCESS! :) 
I wish you could have seen his face
when he opened his framed picture -
he was shocked! 
He had absolutely no idea at all. 
It was fantastic!  :) 
He loves the picture -
I can't tell you how many times
he has squeezed me
and said, "That's the BEST gift!" 
So thank you for helping
make it happen - I don't manage
to surprise him often, but it is so fun when I do!!  

By the way, the kids love
the picture too - my youngest, son,
said, "You are so pretty!  You look young!"
 (Ahhh - straight from the mouths of babes, hahaha)!  :)  

Have a wonderful week, Dee. 
Thanks again for helping me with
hubby's birthday request -
he is entirely impressed. 
Look forward to hearing from you soon!  :)  


Hi Dee,

Let me first say WOW!
These are the best pictures I've ever had taken.
You are so good! I really love them all!!
I'm so excited to post them, just so excellent!!!

Gosh I would love to do a fun "Pin Up"
shoot in October for Christmas.
A Santa look, military or
Cowgirl or all of the above.

Thanks so much,
I really can't tell you how happy I am and
just excited to show everyone.
 I feel like it was way worth the money.

You are AWESOME!!


Dee, J loved the pics!!!!!
He was shocked!!!!
and loved the variety and
special details of the fire suit
and the fishing pole sets. 
Plus, he loved the super sexy ones of course.


Hi Dee!

--Just wanted to check in and
thank you again for the beautiful book!
He loved it! I packed it in his
suitcase he took to the hotel
the night before the wedding
and gave him unpacking instructions
( made sure he was alone and
had some sexy music playing)
hehe, and wrapped it in some
red lace ribbon :) it was a hit!
His initial reaction was, "
Who took these?!?" lol. Me:
"professionals, duh!" 
We had fun rating our favorites
after the wedding,
and he sure had a few that he enjoyed :)

So, thank you both for making me comfortable
and feel confident and sexy,
so that you could capture
some great images!
I will continue to recommend your services,
and may even be back to try out some new shots!

Cheers and happy holidays!


I absolutely highly recommend
working with Dee for a photo shoot!
Her work is absolutely outstanding
and they have a wardrobe
that is from a closet that is
so much fun...not many
photographers offer that!
It just overall is a wonderful experience
Dee always takes the time to
get to know you personally
and makes anyone feel
comfortable and beautiful all the time.
I have since moved away from
Arizona and miss working with
Dee so very much.
Again, I highly,
highly recommend Desert Blush
as one of the best photographers
I have had the opportunity to work with!

Cami S. (professional model)

Working with Dee was one of the best
and fun experiences I've had.
Very professional and very fun.
She puts you at ease in front of the camera.
The photographs were so beautiful and very feminine.
I highly recommend
Dee Hawkins and Desert Blush Photography.


I have had the pleasure of
doing 3 shoots a SO FAR with Dee!
She is so AMAZING!
I have gotten a book with each shoot
and each onejust keeps getting hotter and hotter! 
My Husband fully supports my pin up addiction.
I did try out another 'pinup' photographer
recently and he was Waaaayyyy more
expensive and I only got 5 prints! (took 2 months)
No way will I ever make that mistake again!!!
Dee was so easy to work with and was
full of ideas and made me look beautiful!!!
My husbands has some of my pictures at
work (PG) on his desk,
proudly displaying his hot wife!!!


Hi Dee!
I was showing some of the girls at work
the books you have done for me and
they are just in awe!!!!
One of the girls walked by and said
"You are fucking hot!!!"
and that is SOOOO not like her!
There are 2-3 girls that may be

thinking about shooting with you next year.
I am working on them.
I did a shoot with a  guy that
they raved about and he cost more
and I only get 6 pictures and
it;s been 2 months and I still haven't gotten them
and I am unhappy about it!!!! 
Never again!!!!
I hope you are doing great!
I saw the new shots of Erica.
She looks so awesome!!!!
Hope everyone
is well and maybe
I will see you again next year.
Wanted to send you a quick note to let you know
that the girls here LOVE your work!!!!-   J

Hi Dee,

OMG he absolutely loved it. 
Kept saying "wow" over and over
and he cried when he saw some of them. 
He picked out some he wants us to print
and hang in the living room.
He said you did an amazing job
and you probably haven't seen the last of us.
Thank you again for the beautiful job.

Dee, I had a great time!
Thank you for helping me feel sexy!
The session is just what I needed...
I feel like there is a whole
new spark burning inside!
My husband loves the idea.
He can hardly wait to look at all of
these on our computer!
The body spaghetti black and
white sample pic is awesome
and already one of our selected package!

Mrs. L

Hi Dee,

He absolutely LOVED IT...
he was in TOTAL SHOCK...
they are his fave pix. 
He was seriously floored. 
it was awesome!!!! 

He says now he gets to look
at my sexy faces all the time! 
He was naming the people
he couldn't wait to show!!!

so a huge success!!!!

thank you!

Hi Dee!


I hope you are doing well.
 I wanted to say THANK YOU for the pictures!
The DVD is soooo delightful :-)))
I had a private viewing
last night with my sisters and girlfriends,
and they all LOVED the pictures
and are planning on contacting
you in the near future
to have some pics done!
I have a date tonight with my boyfriend
and plan on showing him them... :-)))
I am so sure he will love them.


Dee, you ARE  amazing!
Thanks for everything and I will keep in touch with you
to schedule my second shoot in the future!!




(Later from Ms. R)

Hi Dee!!!!


My boyfriend LOVED the pics!!!! He was sooo mesmerized!
He was absolutely speechless :-)
It was definitely a special moment that I will always cherish...
His favorites are of me in the purple corset,
 the butt pics, and the angelic looking pics :-)


Many thanks!


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.
He loved them more then then I thought he would.
His reaction was through the roof.
 I will tell people what an incredible job you do.
 I am so happy and we both love them so much.

(His reaction & note below)

hi Dee this is D,
just wanted to say thank you. 
You guys did an awesome job!!,
the pictures were beyond words..
thank you for making J
feel so comfortable and bringing
out how beautiful she is.
 am already for her to do
another shoot with you
I will be telling my clients
about you and will try to bring you
as much business as I can, again thanks alot, 
the pics were the best present I have ever got!!

Desert blush changed my thoughts
on people and art.
My husband and I framed many
of my photo's and left them out for family to see.
No shame.We are proud.
And that's the true feeling
Dee and Kevin will give you.
I'd say without this experience its a loss.

Dee's talent making a video slideshow
of photos, for my mom brought tears
and a smile to her face.
YES I will do it again.
If you saw my photos you would see why.
Its true art."Its your Beauty"
With Dee and Kevin's art.
I loved it and met the nicest people as well.

Thanks Desert Blush!

Laura and Hubby

The pictures are just amazing!
I wish I could have hair and makeup like that all the time......

I just LOVE them!


JUST SAW PICS!!! love em!! 
I am ready to print love it just the way it is!!!
thanx for your hard work and patience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 thanks again Miss dee



The photo's are amazing,
they were more than I expected!!


Hi Dee,

He loved them. 
He was completely surprised. 
He said he was proud of me -
for all the hard work
I've been doing working out,
but also that I was confident enough to do this. 
He makes comments all the time,
saying things like,
bet his wife wouldn't do that for him... haha.

I love the book. 
I do look at it quite a bit myself! 
Too much fun. 
I might have to make it an
annual event - showing
through the years how I'm doing :)

Thanks again, I could not be happier
and I love how it's made me feel. 
t's different when you see yourself
(not in a mirror). 
Gives me extra confidence and
makes me feel like a sexy woman - for sure!


You both were so great to work with. 
I will pass your name on to my friends.


Thanks!  K

My hubby LOVED the book! 
He says it was "the best present ever!"  ;-) 
He has some of the magnets hanging
up in his cubicle at work...
they have been quite the conversation starters!  ;-P


By the way my man LOVED
I mean LOVED! the pics
 I sent him for his birthday today
he thought they were breathtaking!
Thank you so much! .
Yeehaw! for me and I only sent him
14 pics so It will be fun
sending more out slowly to him:)        C
P.S.  cant wait to do this again!

Hi Dee,


He loved the pictures.

We went out the night of his birthday
to dinner and drinks

with friends and then downtown in
Phoenix to a

really trendy and modern hotel

(he loves staying in hotels)
we hung out at the bar and hot tub
for a while and the funny thing is,
the dress shirt I wore for the pictures

he happened to wear that night!

LOL it was perfect.

We went back upstairs and he went into the bathroom
for something and I laid the book on the bed.

When he came out I handed him his birthday card.

He was a little confused but as soon as

he opened the book his face was priceless!

He was a bit teary eyed too

because he felt so special that I would do something

like this for him!

Remember I told you this was

going out on a limb for me :)

anyway, as he is mesmerised
by the pics he finally turns to the
ones of me in his dress shirt.

He looked at me, looked at the shirt he was wearing,

looked back at the picture and back at me.

It was hilarious when he realized that the

shirt he was wearing so was I in the pics!!!!

He was so excited and asked
when I could come back!!!

So another appointment
will be in the works hopefully soon.

I think he might want to come too! LOL!


Anyway, thanks so much for the best time

and capturing such amazing shots for the man

I love and for me too of course! oh yeah,

he carries that damn book with him
everywhere LOL!

I asked him why he makes a transfer
so often from car to

my house to his house etc, and he replied,
"i need to keep it with me,

what if my car got stolen or
someone broke into the house" hahhahaha.

so funny but cute!


Love ya tons! and thanks again!!!


Ms  B

Hey Dee,

He LOVED the book!
I believe his exact words were "this is the

best gift I've ever gotten!"
He was giddy like a kid at Christmas -

it was so fun! I think he has
looked at that book several times a day

since he received it and still
seems to be in disbelief that the

mother of his children would actually
have the nerve to do this for

him! He also said that he'd like
for me to come back eventually for more...

Thanks again until next time....   B

Hey Dee! I just wanted to let u
know that I had such a great time
shooting with you. Being able to
strip down in front of the camera
with so many positive comments
from you, really was a great ego-boost.
You're a beautiful & amazing woman
and I really want to do it again...
The whole experience I enjoyed so much.
I just had so much fun with you! :) [Description: )]
I'll be sure to come back to you
once I do have more money. :) [Description: )]
thanks! - A


Good morning Dee!

OMG is that really me!!?

Its totally like staring @ my evil twin or something!?

So unbelievably gorgeous!

U guys r amazing and I NEVER felt so comfortable

and sexy in my whole entire lifetime -
all thanks to u guys!

I had way beyond too much fun
with u guys too!!!!

U r so amazing!

I can't thank u & Kevin enough for

all the time and dedication and
support that u have givin me

(and grimee). THANK U THANK U times infinity!


Thanks for the "tease" photo...haha

OMG u guys r my heros...thx for transforming

me into a "girl" lol. Erica is just divine! I love u guys!   Ms T


Hi Dee! So tonight we had a date night and

I gave my hubby the book of pictures.


We will go through the link and see if there are

any others he wants to order right away,

otherwise I will get a list together of ones

I would love to have if and when

others book their sessions.

Thank you so much - he says
it is the best present

he has received in his life :)

He is looking at them again now -

I think that makes about
20 times through the book :)

He was absolutely
shocked - he didn't have a clue!

He is over the moon!

I cannot thank you enough -

you two have helped me give
him such a special gift.

He is already talking about

"when you go back" so I know

will be back for more :)

Have a very Merry Christmas :)

Thank you again!



Oh my gosh, I Love Them!!!

I just wanted to thank you so much for being so

patient with me and easing me in.

Being comfortable with my body has

never been easy for me, but you truly helped

me to embrace this experience and

I have never felt sexier!!

I know he is going to love them, I know I do!

Thanks, M



I am sooooooo pretty!!!

Thank you so much!!
you both were awesome!!!!

My husband will be soooo surprised!!

Everyone at work loved them.....
I will need more buisness cards!!

thank you again so much....
no re-touching needed!!!

just let me know when I can pick up the discs....   L


Oh my goodness!!!!!!
Oh my goodness!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!!

They are so amazing!
I never thought I could look so beautiful!

You did an amazing job.
I can't begin to thank you...

What a confidence boost!

I am literally crying right now.

Thank you so much!!!!!   Angel 6/2010


I contacted and interviewed several

Arizona Pin-Up photographers and

Desert Blush Photography won by a landslide!!

My husband is deployed overseas and

I wanted to create something very personal

and magical for him.

I didn't want a photographer who was going

to put me in an apron or school girl outfit and

tell me I looked great!

I knew what I wanted and was able to

customize my session to my desire.

I never felt pressured or insecure

during the entire photo shoot!

Desert Blush Photography is REMARKABLE!


I have never felt more sexy while also

having so much fun!

Dee was honest and put me into clothes

that would be the most flattering.

After having a baby,

I obviously have certain insecurities.

Beyond being completely professional

with genius talent they are beyond

sweet and went truly ABOVE AND BEYOND!

I was greeted with a cocktail to

calm my nerves, a bowl of shrimp with cocktail sauce,

my choice of music,

ALL the time in the world to

get comfortable, and loads of laughs!



I would suggest to ANYONE

looking to feel sexy to contact Desert Blush!

I could spend hours shooting with them!

If you have questions or want to verify my review,

you can personally email me!

This is how strong I feel about Desert Blush and

what they created and how special they made my anniversary

for my husband deployed overseas!     Danielle G


Danielle's Husband's Feedback:


(from his emails containing the new photos)


You're the best wife ever!!!!!

I can't explain how special this is to me

I can't stop looking at them...
you look so beautiful babe,

They captured how gorgeous
of a woman you are,

I am a very lucky man!

Wow is ALL I can say!

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in awe!!!!!



Recent Couples Shoot!


Your amazing!!!!

Sorry it has taken us until now to get back with you.

We have had so much fun looking
at these incredible pics

you have taken for us.

Thank you so much! As always S

who said she would never show anyone

has sent the link to her sister,

and now Her sister and her husband
want to do it.

We Love them so much.

We think we have chosen all of them as our favorites.

Gets us more excited to do it again very soon.

We also are going to go through them and

let you know what pics we will give you

permission to use for your website.

S is so gorgeous maybe it will
help you get more business.

Again thanks and we will
call you to do it again very soon!!!!

N & S


I just had to let you know
that I just went through the
pictures that you uploaded for me,
and I have to say that Saturday
was the best day ever!
You guys do such a great job,
not only did I feel comfortable and relaxed,
but I had a blast!!!
Erica did an awesome job with my
hair and make up and after
seeing these pictures
I feel sexy and well, just plain HOT!
Thank you again for everything.
I have already handed out your card to a few girls
I know,  and I will continue to recommend you to everyone! You are great at what you do!!!
Thank you for the enjoyable time
and the wonderful pictures.
I cant wait to send these to my husband.
I am sure he is going to be pleasantly surprised...
what a great gift for him while he is away!    A


Fantastic!!! I'm in love with them all and feel free to use them on your site! I look HOT!!!     Dani


Dee!!!!! Oh my gosh the pictures look amazing and I absolutely loooove them!!!!!!!! I cant stop looking at them!!!!!!!


You have no idea how ecstatic
I was when I saw your emails with my link!
Before I opened the emails,
I was thinking "there is no way
Dee sent me my link already...."
so you can imagine the look on my face
when I opened the the emails and saw my link!!!!


Thank you so much for doing
them all in black and white and
color because you were definitely right....
some pictures look great in color and
some look amazing in black and white. I cant tell you enough how happy I am with the pictures,
I just love them and cant wait to be
able to send some to Curtis!!!
I cant wait to show my friends too!


I am most likely going to do a book
at some point!
I couldn't be happier and
I thank you both so much for helping me
and coaching me. I cant wait to work with you guys again!      XOXOXOXO!!!       S


I think my boyfriend has been
toting that book around for the past
seven days, showing it off to everyone he sees!

He tells me, "it's like your famous!"

I keep having to remind him that you and Erica

played a HUGE role in making me
look and feel so beautiful!

I really can't tell you how much

I enjoyed my time with you guys. :)

I would love to come and see you all again

and get snazzy for the camera once again.

Maybe I'll hint to my boyfriend that this

would be a great idea for my birthday (August)!

My boyfriend kept saying how he wanted to email you

personally, but he is terrible with computers.


So, the following are his words:


"Thank you for making my already hot girlfriend

look even hotter! I loved her hair, her clothes,

and the sexy shots you created.

You really helped to make my fantasy become a reality!

She deserved to be treated like a princess, because she is one.

Thanks again!" ~C


Well, Dee.....Until next time...Hopefully sooner than later!

I've been referring a ton of people including my friends

from the gym and my boyfriend's sister.

Everyone is extremely interested,

and I hope they all follow through!

Take care,      D and C


Hi Dee!

I just wanted to say Thanks again!

I had such a great time, you both made me feel so comfortable!

I will send any business I can your way I think every girl should do this at least once! :)


I look forward to seeing the pictures! Thanks for such a great experience!    Amanda


Amanda after seeing her pictures...


Oh My GOODNESS!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!   It was SO much fun and guess what?....
My sister is going to do it when she comes out this summer and shoot with you too...
It definitely is addicting!



I showed it to him on Valentines eve...
could not wait!! I can't believe how impatient
I was but I could hardly wait!!!
I popped in the dvd like you
suggested and waited for him
when he came home from work.
He saw my pic on the tv and blushed.
We watched the dvd in bed
and he told me afterwards that he was
really surprised and really
was turned on by the whole thing..
he said he wished he could have taken the pics :)
hee hee but he said he prob would not have made it through the whole shoot :)
Felt like we were newlyweds again!!!!!
He was really turned on..
he said he wanted to show me off to his
friends but was really kidding..
he was just really impressed and
turned on by the work you did.
It really made me feel good :)
He had lots of favorites and he is
looking forward to the book also. i can't tell you how happy you have made me...
it really put more spice back in our relationship.
I told my neighbor too about you.
She wants to see the book when it comes in.
so I hope to send more your way!!!
i just can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!
Just luv ya to pieces!!!!!
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!




Thanks to you and Kevin
this is the best Christmas ever!

I gave him the DVD on Friday night

after we had a fabulous dinner and a night together.

I wanted it to be special and unhurried -
and it was. It was so perfect!

He loved it!
I mean he really, really loved it!
He was so emotional he cried!

It kept saying he couldn't believe that

I had done something so special for him.

Dee - thank you and Kevin soooooo much!

You put so much of yourselves into this project!

What a wonderful piece it is.

I love it! And it was so much fun for me too

- and I had a great time with the both of you that night.

Love to you both and happy holidays!    Carol



Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.

Whew – the holidays were NUTTY for us.

Anyhoo – the dvd’s are AMAZING!!!

I absolutely love the music you picked and

the way the pics were arranged.  So cool.

Dee & Kevin – you two are truly talented and I

can’t wait to come back again.

Maybe in the summer – hmmmm.

My husband really LOVES the DVD’s...

I can’t believe how artistic
and erotic those shots ended up.

Take care – hugs, hugs, hugs –

hope your holidays were all you
imagined they would be.

God Bless and I’m sure we’ll see each other again –

I feel very fortunate that
I get to share the universe with you both!



Hey guys,

This is J. I'm the nursing student you took

pictures of for my wedding gift to my husband.

I just wanted to let you know that he totally loved them!

I ended up presenting them a little different than

I first planned, but it worked out great.
I handed him a little envelope

enclosed with one picture and a
little love note at our reception and he was
both surprised and excited!

I just wanted to thank you both for spending

all that extra time with me to get the best pictures,

and for making me look and feel so beautiful.

Also, thank you so much for the dvd
and all the extra photos.

We both love them so much.
He now has a new favorite movie!

I haven't gotten my wedding pictures yet,

but I was able to see some
that my friends and family took,

and they came out really good.

Thank you for introducing me to Erica.
She does an amazing job,

and I really appreciate all that you
and your husband have done for me.

I don't plan on having a baby soon,
but when I do, I will be stopping back
in for some  pretty pregnant mommy pictures.

Thanks again for everything and may
God bless you both.      



"I had an awesome time shooting with you guys yesterday!

It was the most absolute fun that I have ever had.

Can't wait to do it all again.

Thanks so much!"       Julie


He  loved the pictures!  I don't know how

I'm ever going to top our first anniversary!  :)

Thank you and Kevin
so much for making it such a special gift!  :)



Hi Dee!

I have received AWESOME
responses to my pics...

sooo exciting!
My husband (military officer overseas)

loved the Easter video -
he can hardly wait to see the next one.

My best friend was very complimentary -

she would like to have some pictures taken as

well but feels like she needs to drop a few pounds.

I encouraged her to just "go for it".

We'll see what happens. I have a military wives

meeting tomorrow evening so I'm going to share

my video with some more women -

can you believe I am sharing it???


My sisters thought the pictures were also good.

They both like the ones with the

rose petals (the last shoot we did).

My husband has been begging for more!!!

It's so much fun to have control over something

that he really wants...LOL!!!

I hope that you both had a nice Easter weekend.      A


"Thanks SO MUCH for the fun times and the fabulous wardrobe!!

You guys are two very special people and have

been so wonderful to me...

many many thanks to you both! Girlfriend,

you are AWESOME...

I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!"   Cami


"You are so much fun to work with,

You make a woman feel EXTRODINARY...

I enjoyed every bit of time we spent together.

We most definately have to do this again."

Hugs,  Mel


Thank you so much your work really

went way above and beyond what I could have imagined.

You were awesome to work with and your amazing talent

is so obvious in the end result.

Again thank you so much for the hard work.

Thanks,   M.


Hi Dee,

Of course I looked at the pictures
the second I got home!!!

You did such a nice job -
I can't thank you enough

or going above and beyond.
The video, the CD covers -

everything was done so professionally
and wonderfully.

He loved them too!!!!
I wish I could remember

everything he said....
I think he was shocked but in a good way.

He thought they were sexy
and he loved the Titan's flare.

Take care and thanks again.      S

Hi Dee!

As expected, the book/video is a big hit, He loves it and has looked at the book a million times already! He did not expect photos to turn out so good when he imagined me getting photos done for him! His favorites are the pics with me in his red shirt and watch and the wife beater he cut up with my jeans—so you nailed

that good idea of using his props!

Thank you so much! I told him how amazing both of you are—he knows that wasn’t supposed to be easy for me, but you guys made a world of difference!! ~ K      1/31/2018


Jan 26, 2019

Hi Dee:
I had such a blast today.  I was so nervous and was close to canceling at one point, but you made me feel very at-ease and confident, and I ended up having a great time.  I really appreciate you and Kevin!
I still cannot believe that the ones on the bed, and those silhouettes, are me... that is not the same thing I see when I look in the mirror!  They look awesome. I did not realize my "parts" were peaking out on some of those bed/sheet shots.  You did this on purpose didn't you?  Overall these were the most stunning to me.    Z

July 2018
Absolutely Amazing! I love those pictures. Thank you so very much. I am very excited. I feel confident about showing those pictures. Thanks again to you and your husband. You make a pleasant, comical, and highly supportive team!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes. Ms. F

Desert Blush Photography

October 29, 2018